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Nikon D70s

This was a workhorse for me. I started out with a D70 and it broke down a year and a half later so they replaced it with the newer (at that time) D70s model. Pardon the dust. I had them stashed away for a little while. This one doesn't work too well, probably not at all, but I keep it as keepsake of all the hard work and far away places I took it.


This camera captured images on 3 continents:  North America, Africa and Europe. It took a lot of bumps and bruises, dust and freezing temperatures but it always got the job done. 


I worked with it for about 4 years (including the D70) Nikon's first entry level Digital cameras. The 1G Micro Drive CF card was about $300.00!! cash money! plus it was so sensitive because it had an actual working micro hard drive spinning inside.


Toward the end of its life, I was running to catch the last bus leaving NYC in Chinatown. I'm darting down the 4 lane street, when all of a sudden a loud plastic crash, my bag feels extra light, I freeze on the yellow line in the middle of the street and my stomach tightens up when I realize its my camera and lens....uggghh. The zipper had malfunctioned on my bag and I had to stop traffic with one hand and gather up my things with the other. I manage to scrounge everything up, the ticket lady says, wow, that looked like it hurt. I said, you CAN-NOT imagine! I get to my seat and test out the gear and it works. the Lens protector is crushed, but the camera takes the impact.