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Nikon N80-Film camera

I recently upgraded my equipment and it made me reflect on the gear I've used in the past. Gear that has helped form my craft, tools that have materialized my vision, Instruments that have given me a way to compose my symphony of visual images.

Here are my top 3 recent cameras. I started off with a Yashica 35mm in school. I shot a few black and white images and I remember the great film quality til this day. Eventually I saved up enough to purchase my very own Pentax ZX5N - SLR.

I Eventually  moved on to the Nikon system, and I've been shooting Nikon ever since about 2003. I'll share some shots of the camera bodies and some images I shot with them.




This was my first Nikon Camera. I remember the setup cost me around 300.00 dollars. I really wanted to get into digital photography, but it was in its beginning stages and extremely expensive stage.

 I used this on some of my very first shoots  while I was trying to make a name for my A.Garcia images and working at a photo film lab processing my own work. 

Reliable, nothing to complain other than I was still dealing with taking shots on 35mm film, waiting 2 days to process then scanning images to CD all while wondering how the flash worked and did you get any good images at all.

I still use it from time to time. Its still great for catching images on film which I recommend if you shoot digital and haven't shot film yet. 


It just stinks when you catch yourself looking at the back of  your camera to see the image capture as you would on a digital SLR screen. Makes you feel kind of dumb when you realize how spoiled, or controlling we are about what we shoot with digital cameras these days. You capture it on film and thats it! 12,24,36 exposure etc. opportunities to capture something good . These days its instant gratification, which I think leads to way too many throw away shots.